Complex juxtapostions of language and images inspired by pro wrestling, popular culture, and lived experiences

expressive rendering

Figurative works done with immediacy


Digital photography of performance, pro wrestling, lgbt, realism, and the world around me.

video performance

Art on the move

Forever Home

1160 Kipps Lane

It has taken many years to realize it, but I am happy to say that I have invested in a new home with an amazing studio space attached to the property. I don’t see this home as an investment, a place to upgrade and flip, but rather a place to live for life where my personal pursuits can flourish in one environment. It took years of searching, but as the saying goes “it was worth the wait”. I will take pictures and document my progress making this place into more than it already is. Forever home.

New School, New Life


For the first time since moving, I have had an opportunity to work on my on-line profile which has been pushed aside with other priorities in life. This year I was contracted with the Thames Valley District School Board to teach at Knollwood Park Public School in Northeast London. I have been given a Grade 7/8 homeroom assignment as well as teaching a self-contained Autism/Spectrum class of Junior and Intermediate students. Looking back at the past four months, I couldn’t have asked for a better teaching position that makes use of my strengths. The students are so diverse in terms of learning interests and style that I find myself always differentiating and trying to teach in new ways. It keeps me motivated. The school is intimate in population and it took no time getting to know students, staff and families. I wanted to thank the entire school community for setting my career with the TVDSB off on the right footing and making me feel at home in my new school. Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

REVIRESCO – “I flourish again!”


Reviresco – I flourish again!

It has been a very intense and busy past two years for me.  Between establishing myself teaching, pro wrestling and art occupying much of my time, there has been little opportunity to post personal experiences and reflections of current happenings both local and global.  Now that report card season is over at work and I am being select about pro wrestling cards, I will be posting on a regular basis by linking from my social networking sites.  My page is far more personal and authentic than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and I want to focus my endeavours here.  As you know, my last name is “McEwan” and as with all Scottish clans the name is accompanied by a motto.  The slogan that corresponds to my family is the word “Reviresco.”   It translates from Latin to imply “I grow green again” or “I flourish again.”  An appropriate title for detaching from the technocracy and focusing on something more authentic, free, and governed by me (except for when the powers that be swipe my metadata). 2014 is going to be a year like no other for everyone.  There is a convergence of urgent concerns coming together at once.  All the same,  welcome back to my site.  Where the world continues to diminish, I will be sure to flourish as best I can.

Share with you soon.

Scott aka Sarge